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Meet Our Team

Andy Renaudin


Andy graduated from Texas Tech University with a Bachelor in Business Administration. During his career as a Landman, Andy has conducted numerous title searches and participated in the acquisition of countless oil and gas leases and pipeline right of ways in over 50 counties in Texas, New Mexico, Mississippi, and Louisiana. Andy’s vast experience in title research enables him to manage a team of highly professional Petroleum Landmen while minimizing the risk his clients engage in their daily business. Andy is a highly skilled negotiator using his friendly nature and extensive oil and gas knowledge to secure agreements and acquire acreage in a timely fashion. Andy is an active member of AAPL, HAPL, and PBLA, frequently attending organization events.

Porter Miller


Porter graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree from Texas Tech University in Lubbock, TX. During his career as a Landman, Porter has developed a vast knowledge and positive reputation in title research associated with Leasehold, Mineral, and Surface Title projects. His extensive title work has enhanced his abilities with negotiations and acquisitions of several Oil and Gas Leases throughout the Permian Basin and Eagle Ford Shale, meeting the objectives of all parties. Porter has been involved with the devolvement of various prospects for both conventional and un-conventional plays throughout the Permian Basin. His widespread experience allows him to successfully manage numerous Landmen and assist them on daily procedures and special projects, while serving as the point-of-contact for field personnel and our clients. Porter is an active member of the AAPL, PBLA, YPM, and YPE.

Will Downing


Mr. Downing’s primary role will be in the area of valuation of oil and gas mineral acquisitions through engineering analysis and geological interpretation. Mr. Downing utilizes reserves analytics and knowledge of operations to efficiently allocate mineral acquisitions that can be economically developed. He was previously with Covey Energy Partners, assisting in land analytics in the Permian and Delaware Basin. In his roles as Landman and Reserves Engineer for Covey Energy Partners, Mr. Downing engineered and provided economic evaluations to buy and sell mineral acquisitions. Mr. Downing worked with Matador Resources Company prior to joining Covey Energy Partners where he began his career as Drilling and Operation Engineer and gained extensive knowledge of horizontal operational plays and operations management. Mr. Downing received a Bachelor of Science degree in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Oklahoma in 2019. He is a member of the Society of Petroleum Engineer and Independent Petroleum Association of America.

Why Sell Your Minerals

Sell us your minerals or a portion of them, here’s why:

The Hassle

Owning oil and gas royalty and mineral rights can be a hassle. The benefits of ownership are often outweighed by the large amount of time and expense required to effectively work with an oil company interested in leasing your mineral rights. The process includes:
1. Hiring an attorney to review the lease forms.
2. Negotiating terms that often benefit the oil company more than the mineral owner.
3. Deciding if leasing is right for you.
This process takes a lot of your time and costs a lot of your money. For some, it may not be worth the hassle.

Lump sum, up front payment

If you would like to sell your minerals, you will receive a one time, lump sum payment. On the other hand, by leasing your oil and gas mineral and royalty rights, you agree to receive payments as a percentage of production. Unfortunately, often times, a well projected to be profitable turns out to produce less than projected or worse, is a dry hole. A low producing well would yield small, periodic payments.
AR Resources, Inc. recommends selling your minerals to us in order to guarantee a fair amount for your prospective profitable mineral acreage and receive compensation for worthy minerals.


Selling Your Minerals to AR Resources

If you consider selling your oil and gas royalties or mineral rights to AR Resources, Inc. we guarantee an exceptional transaction experience.

Our Promise:
1. To work with you through every step of the evaluation process of your oil and gas royalty and mineral rights.
2. To treat you with the utmost respect.
3. To discuss and bid your royalty or mineral rights with confidentiality.
4. A fair deal.
5. An exceptional overall business experience and top of the line service personnel.

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Thank you in advance for considering AR Resources, Inc. for all of your land service requirements. We look forward to working with you.